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Wilpena Panorama

In Hawker - Hub of the Flinders Ranges - South Australia

Arkaroola Panorama

The latest panoramic painting by Jeff Morgan is a huge 46 metre x 5.5 metre, 360 degree mural of the Nooldoonooldoona waterhole at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. Taking over 12 months of early mornings and long days of planning, building and painting it has culminated in an attraction that has stunned and surprised locals and tourists alike.

The opening of the new panorama was done by local MP the Right Honourable Rowan Ramsey MP and attended by a large crowd of local and invited guests. This latest creation of Jeff's has attracted significant interest during the building and painting stages partly because of the enormous talent involved in completing such a painting, and partly due to the rarity of such large scale paintings. With only 70 odd such panoramas in the world, South Australia and Hawker are indeed blessed to have two of the most magnificent works of art here amongst us.

Described as one of Australia's 'Living Natural Treasures' Jeff and his gallery are a 'must see' for everyone who visits the spectacular Flinders Ranges.  

Arkaroola Waterhole

New panorama and viewing area

Arkaroola Panorama

Part of the Nooldoonooldoona Waterhole Panorama