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Wilpena Panorama

In Hawker - Hub of the Flinders Ranges - South Australia

The Outback on Canvas Project, which is an ongoing project by Jeff, consists of massive panoramic paintings that depict local South Australian scenes. As these spectacular panoramas are on stretched canvas, they are easily transportable and are for sale, therefore new panoramas replace the old as they are sold.

Pictured below is the current panorama "Ron's Creek", a 50ft long panorama painting depicting a dry creek bed on Wonoka Station with the rugged and magnificent Elder Range in the background and enormous Red Gums in the foreground. This very popular panorama also has a landscaped foreground complete with creek gravel and stones, shrubs, trees, and other assorted items typical of creek beds throughout the Flinders Ranges.

Jeff's latest panoramic painting pictured above is the stunning "Arkaroola Waterhole" which was finished in October 2008

Also currently at the Outback on Canvas is this 20ft long Panorama "Cooper Creek Sunset", a spectacular and peaceful view of the Cooper Creek at sunset.

Below is the panorama of "Siller's Lookout, Arkaroola"

which was recently sold.