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Wilpena Panorama

In Hawker - Hub of the Flinders Ranges - South Australia

History of the Outback on Canvas Project

The Outback on Canvas project was first planned in September 2004 and was officially opened on March 26, 2009 by the local member of Parliament, the Honourable Rowan Ramsey. The Outback on Canvas consists of three major flat canvas works, installed in a purpose built building which joins onto what was the existing gallery and Wilpena Panorama complex.

The existing building was demolished to make way for the new extensions.

The largest of these paintings is approximately 5 metres by 15 metres and is housed in its own structure 15 metres x 9 metres. It features a natural landscaped foreground and includes large boulders, indigenous shrubs and bushes,thus in effect creating a diorama.

 The Canvases were organised after talking to Professor Song Huimin , Of the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts , November 2004 while we were in New York City for the 12th International Panorama Conference. The new canvases were made in a factory in Tiajin City China.

Rowan Ramsey (left) congratulates Jeff on his achievements at the official opening.